Tridev Express Cargo : Trusted name for speedy motion, excellent logistic service, incomparable disposal

No record is too big for Tridev Express Cargo (TEC) likely a comprehensive leader as a co-loader Courier & Cargo organization is West Bengal as well as wider range in the country. We have started our journey at the very inception in (1994) in the name of Tridev Courier Service, a tiny Establishment with a handful of staff having few branches at Jamshedpur, Patna, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Rourkela.

Since then we have been March forwarding on the pave of chequred chapters left behind which subsequently led to rekindling Tridev Express Cargo in 2009. Today we have conveniently located outlet serving over 60 branches in various destinations and 20 hubs in different location working round the clock throughout the year.

We have abounded most up to date system in our net working infrastructure comprising high skilled operational working strength and dedicated team of specialists to ensure and provide with dynamic service in surface and domestic co-loading business.

Tridev Express Cargo posseses the safty storage facilities, modern communication network and good fleet of transportation vehicles backed by dedicated team truly proves that its claim “We care…. for your valuables” is the value of its business philosophy.

Our aim is to establish leadership for incomparable quality service is co-loading Courier industry, beneficially not only to the premier Couriers of the country but we like to focus on the core element of responsibility as a trustful co-loader by rendering time bound service all individual the times to every our mission is to achieve the success and fulfill the countrywide aspiration and to make the organization a significant destination for our valued customers.

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